blogmad – get your blog the traffic it deserves


I posted about blogmad yesterday and afterwards spoke to one of the guys thats doing the development of blogmad. ( is a blog traffic exchange that helps you get people to read your blog)
I asked him when they were going to launch and he was vague but he did give me some info on some of the features that they were going to have, but he promised me to secrecy 😦

Still, I am VERY hyped about blogmad

They are set to have some awesome awesome AWESOME features.

From what I do know they have been working on this project for close to 6 months now and are almost ready to go BETA.

You can check out their last 2 newsletters

newsletter 1

newsletter 2

Even though they have not launched yet, they are allowing early signups, where you can sign up now, and using your unique referrer ID as well as cool banners that they supply you can refer your friends and earn referral credits.

When they launch you can then take these credits and trade them for “traffic” to your blog. Neat huh ?

Even if you dont like the idea, please sign up so that I can score the referrer bonus so that I can keep bringing you these hot google girls!



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