Yeah I know I must sound like a blog mad pimp.

But for those of you that aren’t aware of what blogmad is, its a revolutionary blog trafficking service thats been 6 months in the making.

Its not a standard blog traffic site but they are coming with more and more ways of getting peoples blogs the credit and traffic they deserve.
The development team are the guys behind ideas such as vault9 and blolg so I am very keen to see what they gonna be doing with blogmad.

At 1st they were very secretive but now they have started to trust me with some information about blogmad and all I can say is “BRING IT ON!”

I chatted a bit to their head developer, Dave, over the weekend on irc and this is what he had to say

The concept isn’t new, and we have been toying with the idea of a traffic site for blogs for quite some time now. Myself, Ian (Life version 2) and Paul ( Life Version 2 ) were having a monthly meeting when Paul noted that the only entities reading his blog were spam bots. Even though we laughed about it, we started discussing an idea of how we can guide REAL people to people’s blogs. We starting jotting things down. We werent quite sure what we wanted but we had an idea ) We were about to launch MadAvatar when we decided there and then that our site would have the word “Mad” in it. Later the term “blogmad” was coined by Paul at another meeting when he brought a ream of paper of notes showing how many blogs were coming online daily etc and exclaimed that the entire internet had gone “blogmad”.

The guys then went about getting ideas and we surveyed a large group of bloggers that we knew and asked them what they wanted. We drew up a list of features and blogmad was born.

I kept myself detached from looking at other similar services because I didn’t want my ideas to be clouded by what I had seen out there. To this day I have yet to look at how another traffic site works or operates.
We dont have a launch date just yet but we’d rather be ready than have pissed off people because shit doesn’t work.

There was one PageRank update after we have registered the domain and had started the pre signups and we were very surprised when we saw the site go to PR4.

That’s when we knew that blogmad was going to be HUGE.

The concept is simple, surf the blogmad site, surf other blogs, earn credits, trade credits for traffic or other incentives.

BlogMad are accepting early signups and are giving away masses of credits in referral bonuses so sign up now and get busy referring your friends to cash in on this hype.

read more about blogmad in my previous posts at 


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