Very Hot cleavage

very hot cleavage

9 Responses to Very Hot cleavage

  1. bobo says:


    I would marry her tomorrow

  2. jane says:

    I think that’s a manikan. Not because her boobs don’t look real, but her face doesn’t. It’s kind of glazed over & airbrushed too. If you ever meet her, will you write a post to let us know if she’s a manikan or can talk?

  3. hoodlum says:

    Jane its MANNEQUIN

    and the girl in the picture is real. courtesy of

  4. geek says:

    guys,look,this chick is hot,but the photo puts the accent on her beauty…well,i’m talking about the lower “majority” of the picture,you know…and point is that the “minority”-wich happens to be her face-is,for two reasons, not the best thing you would like to …err…”possess”…(well,excuse my conservative language,coz if i said “fuck” some people might be offended)because,first,you can see,even if you don’t give a fuck ,that she has a hundred pounds of make up,(wich appears to be somehow catchy),and second,coz she is not pretty or really cute,but in a fake kinda way(for ya’all-coz of the first alignement of the Point!)…i guess i kinda forgot what i actually wanted to prove about her face coz the “majority” got me over…guess we’re all the same,after all..mmm

  5. cris says:

    btw,jane,this is for you.i wonder if she can “speak” too.she seems to *communicate* more like “i’m ready”.who wouldn’t get it?

  6. jane says:

    Hoodlum, I wasn’t sure about the spelling & so I looked it up in Webster’s Dictionary. Manikan: 2. an anatomical model of the human body, used as in art classes. 3. mannequin
    Don’t blame me, blame Websters. And YES, your spelling is the 1 I was looking for! Damn that Websters!

    Cris, thank you, but I meant in the audible sense literally or literally in the audible sense. Clearly, I’ve lost my senses. And who is xmike?

    I still think she’s a MANNEQUIN. Do you think her boobs are natural?

  7. mgiggles says:

    man this girl is sexy man her boobs are real and her face looks glazed but still sexy id say sexy sexy sexy !!!!! no lies

  8. splitbrains says:

    she’s not a mannequin…ummm… She’s kate ….. from kate’s playground

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