Google girls is a simple blog depicting the fine specimens of the fairer sex that can be found using google's image search.

We have aimed to find the unknown girls of the world, although you may see a famous face or two, they will be very few and far between. If we do post a pic of a famous babe, we wont name them, we'll rather describe them. These are the hot unknowns of google.

Every single one of the images on this blog can be found using googles image search (http://images.google.com/) using search terms such as:

Hot babes
Hot chick
Hot woman
Spring break
Cancun girls
Sexy girls
Sexy Nurses

and then we grouped the images into various categories matching closely to the search criteria we used.

So Grid Girls, F1 Girls, Grand Prix Girls etc all go under the same category, Cars n Girls.
You get the idea …

The point of this blog is not for financial gain and therefore we do not make any money from having the images on this blog.

This is a fun, non pornographic temple of worship and appreciation for the female form.

All images were searched for using Googles Safe Search to ensure no pornographic material is used.
Girls, Google, we salute you.

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